We're a small team based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Bruce Robinson
Founding Research Scientist

Bruce is a biochemist based in Bend, Oregon. His focus is on plant biochemistry and molecular genetics. He has several years experience working as an analytical chemist in a FDA regulated industry and a lifetime of experience working with all varieties of plants.

Bruce was born and raised in Alabama where he grew up learning about plants from his father, who worked as a regional manager of commercial greenhouses. While studying biochemistry and sustainability at Auburn University he began working in a developmental plant genetics lab and never looked back.

Through the USDA, he was awarded a graduate fellowship at Oregon State University where his research focused on breeding potatoes for increased nutritional content. He has several publications in the fields of plant biochemistry, plant breeding, and molecular genetics.

Jeff Callahan
Founding Software Engineer

Jeff is a Seattle-based software engineer focused on distributed systems, big data and machine learning infrastructure. During his more than 15 year career in software, he's worked for several of the world's largest companies.

Prior to GrowCloud, Jeff worked at Meta leading efforts to scale out privacy-preserving machine learning models in partnership with the Facebook AI Research group. Before Meta, he previously held software engineering roles at Amazon and Microsoft.

From 2011 to 2015, Jeff owned and operated a medical cannabis production facility in Seattle, Washington. With the looming introduction of recreational cannabis to Washington state, Jeff opted to sell his operation and return to the software industry.